Low Price Guaranteed

You heard it! We have the lowest price out there when it comes to providing premium potpourri herbal incense. We will literally match any low price out there, if you are able to find them. All you have to do is send us a email with a link to the store’s price and we will adjust the product’s price accordingly. By shopping at IncenseFire.com, we are here to help save you money in the long run for quality stuff. We are the only online herbal incense store that can afford to do so. We have the largest selection of any herbal incense brand and we have the lowest shipping cost because of our high volume shipping. Save more with IncenseFire.com!

How do I request a price match from Incensefire.com?

Simply send us a email before your purchase with the competitor’s website link to the product’s price and if it is lower and legit, we will lower the price for you.

Are there any restrictions to the lowest price guaranteed?

We will only match INDIVIDUAL prices and not bundles or special sale prices. This mean if a website has a special “buy 1 get 1 free” or “buy 2 for a low price” and etc. we will not match it. We can only match similar offers if it is a one product price.