Bizarro Incense

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Bizarro Incense

Bizarro Incense

Bizarro Incense has a rich and delicate blend of the finest ingredients and will have you coming back for more. This incense has the most amazing traits. Punch; it has dominant scent that can captivate your mind and it will have an ever lasting impact even after long term use. Richness; the notes are heavy, enduring and deep and durability. This fragrance will never lose its climax throughout the day.

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Bizarro Incense

If you are looking for something exotic, then Bizarro Incense is exactly what you need. It is a blend of some rich and delicate ingredients that will make you come back for this fragrance more. It is our top shelf potpourri incense. People have been a lot curious about the herbal incense from a long time. We have let our customers have fun with Bizarro Incense with its rich aroma characteristics. We call it the superhero of all the incenses! If you are always bored and you feel dull most of the time, the Bizarro Incense will make your day and save your day. It truly deserves to get recognition in the collection of your fragrances because of the power and attributes it possess. It surely has all the characteristics that makes it stand out from the rest of the fragrances. Look no further, Bizarro Incense is here to give your day a bizarre twist.

*Warning: Our herbal incense products is intended only to be used as an aromatic potpourri only. It is not designed or intended for human consumption. Both the manufacturers and retailers of this product take no responsibility for the incorrect use or misuse of this product.

3 reviews for Bizarro Incense

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    this is hands down the best potpourri incense brand. Good package deal for good price. Used priority shipping and got it next day. I have had all of these different kinds before but I still haven’t opened my bomb Marley or ak but the rest of these are great products.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    classic bizarro cant go wrong with this ya’ll

  3. Rated 1 out of 5

    Ordered the 3.5g bag of Bizarro and it was terrible. Avoid this brand, weak doesn’t begin to describe it. Pungent smell too ,not pleasant at all.

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Our herbal Incense does not contain AM-2201, JWHI8, JWH73, HU210, CP47, 497, HU-210, HU-211 and AM – 694, Cannabicyclohezanol or any other prohibited ingredients. All Herbal Incense is both nicotine and tobacco free and is legal in all 50 states.